How to Improve your Self-Esteem!

How to Improve your Self-Esteem

How to Improve your Self-Esteem

We read about, we hear about and we clearly see it everyday! In the workplace, on the news even in our friends and family and we even look away from it when we catch ourselves making eye contact in the mirror in the morning before leaving our homes before stepping out to face the world in our days.

Why Improve Self-Esteem?

It isn’t a matter to decipher if you have Self-Esteem or not it is more a focus on the level, is it not?

“Do you have High Self-Esteem?”

“Do you have Low Self-Esteem?”

It is so humorous to me that I see person writing and commenting on this topic and it seems so strange and disconnected when I process what they are attempting to convey.


Self-Esteem is unrelated to your possessions. It is beyond your yearly or monthly income. It is beyond your personal and professional relationships. Self-Esteem is not your titles and diplomas and credentials on your wall at home or in the office.

These are all accomplishments that you achieved or overcame. They are nice and fun to look at and to remember the time and effort that you put into them to achieve and overcame. Still, all of these things and ideas are merely validation of yourself from the external world. Tangible Ego Stroking if you may.

Your schools gave you diplomas and patted you on the head “You are such a good student. Thank you for your time and money and energy, here is a receipt for you but we call it a diploma. Now…go away and get a job we are moving on and you should too.”

So that was a bit of a joke about schools but is this not the reality of the situation? Does anyone really hang around Harvard or Yale with no job or position of responsibility with no return being given to them after leaving? So, if this is the case, why do so many hold on to the status of graduating from their fantastic school and education? This is merely a temporary ego based identity that is trying to sell itself upon others to be seen as valuable. Once the great big job is secured after graduating, they are no longer a Stanford Graduate, they are now, “The greatest rising star” at Google or Facebook or whatever other company that is willing to pay them.

Have you noticed yet how fast people can change or evolve with a pivotal change in their environment?

Self-Esteem is not about your diplomas, you possessions, your friends or your family.

What really then is Self-Esteem?

Self Esteem in it’s essence is the amount that you Love, and Admire and Accept of your own consciousness.

Strange definition of what Self-Esteem isn’t it? I laugh at it every time I say this. Mostly because the idea of self-awareness escapes so many people, even myself.

Your consciousness or your personal self-awareness could be placed into any person on this planet. You got no choice and you could had been born in South Africa or Japan or Russia or been a man or woman. You may had been born as a man and decided to become a woman! What an amazing and changing landscape it is for humanity right now to be a part of.

No matter what your moral or personal judgments are on the world, you can strip every man, woman, and child down to this basic premise. That they are aware and conscious of themselves and of others at some level of understanding.

How could a person accept that a black man or a white woman or a Chinese elderly woman are all experiencing the same world from different points of view? Simple. They first must be willing to accept their own consciousness and be appreciative and respectful of it. A quality that is lacking very much in the world as it was over 2,000 years ago when Prince Siddhartha come to this realization as well.

Self-Esteem is and always will be, how do you, as a person, feel about yourself? The trick is, are you aware of yourself?

Instantly build your Self-Esteem!

This is the simplest exercise to do for a higher or more loving self-esteem.

Step 1: Make a list of achievements or actions or of people that you admire in your life

Set a timer on your phone, computer or use your handy sand-filled hourglass and go for 60 seconds of focused writing of a list of what you admire in people that you respect. The more random and more reasons the better. It could be what a celebrity does or is to you.

Step 2: Read that list and focus on it!

As you look over this list of things that you admire in other people, set goals in yourself to do those things. If you admire an actor in Hollywood for being an amazing actor, you need not go and audition in Hollywood but even going to audition for a local play in your community could do it. It can be on a lower scale. If you really want to go to Hollywood and chase this dream, it may be more about your ego being justified rather than you justifying yourself.

If you are admiring a famous author, write a short story.

If it is a person who is a great business person or sales person, why not go and try to sell something at a garage sale or become a part time car salesman at a local car lot?

Once you accomplish a goal or a trait that your heroes or role-models exemplify, you can reflect on how you, consciously, saw an external item that you validated and and brought into your own being.

You learned a valuable lesson and what I call a “Inner Treasure.” This treasure is the process for you to validate yourself with no one else involved. No school. No professor. No Parent or sibling or even your children. This was 100% about you, for you, and about you. No one else could ever touch this achievement exempt you.

Don’t you feel better about yourself, now?

I have several more exercise and procedures to give a person higher and more admirable Self-Esteem that I conduct at workshops and seminars. You are invited to join me at my next workshop so as to achieve a higher and rock-solid self-esteem for yourself. Remember this, you deserve to improve your self-esteem!

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About the Author: Adam Goodson is the founder and head hypnotist at Impactful Changes Hypnosis. He has been studying hypnosis since 2008 and leading clients through changes since 2010.