Bullshit Pitched! Nothing Sold!

The worst pitch to give to someone is the one that conveys no value to a person.

How do you find out what someone values?

You ask them or you can use a simple elevator pitch.

Examples follow.

  • “Helping Military Veterans with PTSD to overcome Depression and Anxiety is my Mission.”
  • “I am a dating and relationship coach for Male Entrepreneurs.”
  • “Divorced Woman with children that are looking to be in a relationship again in their lives seek me out.”

Each of these examples are great and I use them in my business. It is a formula that I use. Who do I serve, How are they unique, and what is their Goal(s). or to put it into a Mathematical Formula

Who + Unique + Goal = My Ideal Client

So that I can help out each one of these three groups, I have three basic Elevator Pitches that are set with a hook for a specific type of client to take a bit of. Much like a fisherman can set his hook and lure for fishing only for bass to find it more appetizing to those types of fish or adjusting his fishing line to be set for catfish. There is a difference in fish bait for different fish. It is also the same for clients.

To be clear, your goal or outcome that you perform for a client, is what I call VALUE!

Let’s define the word VALUE.

Value is the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

If I showed a caveman a Fork, that he could eat with, would he know how to use it?

No! He wouldn’t! He is a caveman after all.

So I have to demonstrate how to use the fork to him. Show him how to use it. How to teach his children and wife to use it. First one is free but the family set is going to cost $40.00 total and his Caveman family won’t have to share that single fancy fork with each other by taking turns at the dinner table.

Understand that this is a process of educating and giving value to the CLIENT or PROSPECT.

Why is giving and explaining Value important?

Well because, I know that the caveman has dirty hands and could use the fork. But just because I know it, does not mean he does. Many salespeople are fantastic at reading others minds and good for them but for the rest of us, we have to ask and observe what our prospects and clients communicate with us.

This may sound like common sense and easy to write and easier for you to read but are you doing this with your clients and those that release money to you that improves your life and your family’s lives as well?

Recently, I was on Facebook and a person that I had met with in the past year and shared a stage with sent me a friend request. I was excited about this because this person was a doctor and had a PhD. I love networking and speaking with intelligent and educated people, especially doctors!

After saying “Hello” to him and explaining how I remembered him from the conference, he goes directly into a sales pitch.

I love being pitched but, I like knowing the intention of the person from the get go. So when I receive a Facebook Friend Request, I assume that they are looking to network with me or ask me a question or respond to a video, an article or a Live Periscope Broadcast that I had done in the past couple of days. So it strikes me as strange when I get a sales pitch.

I know, that he knows how he can be of service to m,e and he knows that I could be of service to him by giving him money for his service. Now, this is the cold hard fact.

The complete and flowing conversation on Facebook of the worst Facebook Pitch ever follows.



So to be more blunt, giving people money for no value being exchanged to me is a sin. Its against my religion. No, really. When I give money away for nothing or lose a few dollars that fall out of my pocket, I go to the local church and pray for forgiveness with a few Our Father prayers and ask for forgiveness. It may seem strange but Money is energy to me. Energy that I was gifted by my Creator.

My Creator gave me that energy to become bigger and stronger and to help others to observe me and to learn how they can do it too and for themselves and to do it in a loving manner. Now that has been explained in this article, you may feel a bit of guilt and the sensation to go and pray for losing money for no value being gained by you. Go ahead. Praying to your Creator, or God or Gods or to The Universe is Healthy and Recommended.

So some of you may be asking, “What is an example of a person doing a pitch like this?

I am glad that you asked!

Here are some censored screenshots from my Facebook page. These pictures are not edited but merely censored to protect the identity of the person who pitched me.

A question that I suspect to get from this is, “So did you tell him how to fix his sales pitch?”


I did not correct him. His lack of education and training is not my responsibility. That is my value to myself and to others.

This article has the title of “Bullshit Pitched! Nothing Sold!” in order to get attention and to drive attention to this article about Sales and how Life Coaches can make more sales.

Love your clients, and love those that pitch you incorrectly, but do not offer any help to them in exchange for anything less than something that you value. If you do so, you will be disrespecting yourself, your gifts, your talents and the very brief that your Creator has given to you to use to reach a higher level of existence.

The saying, “Waste not, want not” takes on a new and deeper meaning at this point in your development.

About the Author,

Adam Goodson

The founder and head hypnotist at Impactful Changes Hypnosis of San Diego has been studying hypnosis since 2008 and leading clients to change since 2010.