Why you can’t always heal by being Vulnerable

Tapping into your Inner Champion rather than your Inner Hurt

Tapping into your Inner Champion rather than your Inner Hurt

“See, I think, that being open and vulnerable is the key to making a change in your life, don’t you?”

I heard this words spoken directly to me by a certified life coach while out with friends in San Francisco.

Instantly, my stomach turned and felt like it was going to give me an ultimatum of “Adam, lose your mind or stand up for yourself, right now!”

So many times I hear this, “You have to be really vulnerable in order to get over your trauma.” It is the headline on the front page of the Life Coach Union Tribune Newspaper. As if every life coach, every lifestyle expert, dating coach, relationship coach, tantra coach, fuck it, anyone who has read a self-development book and thought, “Hey! I got this change shit down! Let’s roll and start making money!”

I love it! I felt the same way too!

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Until that is I learned about advanced Psychology and Hypnosis and especially Hypnosis! You see, when someone can get a person into a mental mindset of being “Vulnerable” it is incredibly easy to sell them a cure to that vulnerability!

Think about it as if a doctor had given you poison only to make you sick and force you to come back to him so he can cure you of the affliction and make more money off of you, because he is a swell guy and really cares about you, right? Wrong! That doctor is a fucking jerk! What if you didn’t have the money? What if you wanted to spend the money on something else?

So, telling someone to feel really vulnerable or open is merely one way to access a problem or a challenge in yourself, another is visualizing how you want your life to be as an experience for yourself. What are your dreams and your goals in life? Is there some stuff that you are embarrassed about? Perhaps, it is some stuff you wish was never brought up in conversation or sees the light of day?

Treating every problem from a place of vulnerability is not the best solution.

Treating every problem from a place of vulnerability is not the best solution.

We all have those skeletons at some point of our life and there are several ways of dealing with them! Trust me! I have been homeless, broke, Depressed, Anxiety Attack Ridden, Angry, pissed off and violent and unloved. I found my way out of it though. I found a path! Did I have to be “vulnerable” while on the path, sure, at times. I had taken Psychologist’s advice, life coaches, and hypnotists and gurus and yogi’s and then I got better.

The one aspect that made myself so much was when my personal mentor and coach said, “Adam, you know that all that talk about vulnerability is bullshit, right?”

I was shocked at first because I was so brainwashed into believing that is where change happens! But it wasn’t!

My Mentor was right!

Every Time I had a life changing experience it was from the position my “Inner Champion State.” My Inner Champion State was a Hypnotically Installed resource state where my mind and body was incapable of feeling or thinking about weakness. I overcame a lot of fears and phobias and bullshit from this place! My Mentor had guided me through a lot of my Negative Emotions of Anger and Sadness and resolved them all with this technique.

Tap into your Inner Champion at an Unconscious Level for new success!

Tap into your Inner Champion at an Unconscious Level for new success!

Soon, it came across my mind and thoughts of all of my past hypnosis clients that were Pissed off Veterans who were feeling the effects of PTSD, or the Sexually Assaulted Women who came to me for help with their emotions and mental scars of the past, they were all guided through it and past it with that mindset!

They all know, just as any person may know, what their most painful times in their own lives were and are.

The largest lack is that most people and I do mean most people! My estimate is that nearly 85% of all persons, in your state, your country, the world as a whole, lack the ability to feel 100% confident, strong, and unbeatable. How can a person, like myself, believe this to be true? Well that is because if people the world over knew this, they wouldn’t have as may problems and challenges as they do today!

So, if you feel the need to cry in your beer to feel better, fine. I am so sorry that someone convinced you that is what was needed to be done before getting better. I get it. I used to be there too. At times, I stumble and get there too. Still, when I come to my senses, I know that having the mindset of being a Viking Champion at the end of the Bar with a large beer mug toasting to my own success and being unbeatable champion is going to get me to my goals in life faster than crying in my beer.

That is unless I am crying tears of joy!

As my Navy Veteran Brothers and Sisters say to me, “Drink to the Foam!”

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About the Author:

Adam Goodson is the founder and head hypnotist at Impactful Changes Hypnosis. He has been studying hypnosis since 2008 and leading clients through changes since 2010.