What is Hypnosis?

What is Hypnosis?

What is Hypnosis?

Imagine that you take your brain and divide it into three parts. You have the hardest working part, called “Consciousness Mind.” This part of the mind, takes up a lot of energy and focus of the mind. The second part is called the “Unconscious Mind.” it uses a lot less energy than that of the Conscious Mind does. The third and final part is the “Sub Conscious Mind.” The Subconscious Mind uses the least about of energy of the three.


Now if you are talking to a Neurologist and you show this article to them, they would disagree and say a bunch of medical and scientific facts. They would be correct for the most part too.


If I were to talk to the Neurologist, I would say this. “The top of the brain, the Cerebellum takes up a lot of the energy and is known as the Upper or the High Brain. This part of the brain does a lot of the work of the Brain. This is where a lot of critical thinking takes place at. Then you have the Mid-Brain and this is a very socially dominant part of the Brain. Finally, the Brain stem of the Brain, the Medulla Oblongata is the most primitive of the parts of the Brain.


For me, and what I have seen and witnessed in clients and subjects is that when all three parts of the mind are in sync with each other, the mind goes into a trance or tonic state and can also be a tonic state of immobility, that allows for the direct intake and output of information from a client. Meaning that the Conscious, Unconscious and the Subconscious parts of the mind are all communicating with itself and with the external world that is outside of the mind.


This can be done in a instant or over a slow progression of relaxations and distractions and even excitement to the person or persons to allow and to guide them into a state of Hypnotic Awareness and Learnings of new or old information.


In other words, the person in trance can access information that was once not realized or aware of prior to being placed in a hypnotic state. This also means that learning can take place of new information and behaviors faster too.


There are states of trance and hypnotic phases that are beginnings of an escalation of deeper and deeper states of relaxation and of trance.  


The path to discovering these states are held within the properly trained hypnotist or NLP practitioner and the learning the proper skills for yourself.

What is Hypnosis?

What is Hypnosis?


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About the Author:

Adam Goodson is the founder and head hypnotist at Impactful Changes Hypnosis. He has been studying hypnosis since 2008 and leading clients through changes since 2010.