Stress and Anger

The more stress in traffic comes to a person in their car, the more you will cease focusing on other things that are priceless to you.

Do you think about how important your relationship is while you are pissed off honking the horn?

Do you think about your career as you drive past the last exit screaming at being cut off on the highway as on your way to receiving an award or promotion at your job?

Do you think about how your God or just a God decided to make a deliberate decision to create a spirit or soul and to place it into you as you are stuck in traffic that is going no where?

Perhaps we should abandon angry and aggressive thought patterns.

It is my personal and professional belief and experience that facing life with a mind and heart and soul filled with anger is a unresolved state of being.

It creates a cycle of belief and a cycle of being.

So don’t tell me that you enjoy being angry unless you are finally willing to accept that it is a cycle with a complete and totally scarcity mindset of resources.