The Student is required to possess humility in order to learn from the Master

If a person lacks humility in his or her own character and personality, they will be unable to learn and will lack the ability to improve their own lives. The only lessons in life that such a person will be able to learn is from the pain and torment form their own life experience.

Such individuals are a student of none. Perhaps they are a student of the universe. This is because the only enforcer of their lifestyle and limitations is the universe itself. This can be a very abundant lifestyle to have until this type of student wishes to take from another person without offering anything of value to the other person.

Very commonly, we call these persons, “thieves.”

These students are not all criminals or thieves but their desire to achieve and to have the world conform to their will is great but the amount of knowledge and skill and information on how to bend the world is at the level of brute force and not at a level of grace and fluid elegance. These Thieves attempt to obtain greatness without paying the toll to cross over a bridge of tribulations to cross over to the side of success. They never make it and if it seems that they had made it, that is the final step of success that fools all students except for those that are humble.

Only the Humble Student will be willing to reflect on his teachings of their Master. The final step is to possess great skill, great intelligence, and great power. The expressed release and use of the new found success will be of great value to other but will come at little to no expense to the Student, prior to success.

Commonly referred to as “Stillness in Motion” in some schools and traditions of Martial Arts. When a student is able to perform tasks and duties without a loss of focus or the expenditure of wasted energy, that student is near their obtainment of mastering that skill. This is the goal of all students in the universe, even if they have a Master or not, they seek this goal. The goal of Stillness in Motion, is the goal of achieving with little to no effort. To be more direct, this is Effortless Success.

Effortless Success is obtainable for everyone.

Still, every person in the universe lacks humility until they realize that someone else, other than them has more power than they do. Seek it out. Find it. Then learn from it in order to harness it.

A Master of his craft has achieved this before you or a variation of it. Seek out the Master of your chosen skill and learn from them to save years and tears from your life.

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