The Apex Predator of the Workplace!

99% of the world works everyday with the following conditions and chances are you a part of these challenges in the workplace. I felt angry and frustrated in the workplace and at home and in my relationships and with my sleep. I was unable to sleep at night. Why? Because, I had all of the following challenges!

  • Distractions
  • Emotional Trauma
  • Lack of Focus on Tasks
  • Poor Communication Skills
  • No Delegation Skills
  • Absent Leadership Skills
  • Team Camaraderie Camouflage

With people coming to me with problems, and disasters that they could not handle themselves, people who were depressed and dealing with past trauma and stress management issues were difficult for me to work with. I did not hate them or thought lowly of them, rather, I had the same problems too! I could not focus on my work for longer than 2 to 5 minutes it seemed without someone popping up to have a “Hey, do you have Minute to chat?” meeting that went on for more than 20 minutes than a single minute. One or two of those, not a big deal, but I would have anywhere between 4–6 in a day, and I would be working through my lunch and staying late so that I would not fall behind the next day. Plus, I had some great leaders around me but they were all higher up and far above me and I was being subjected to more junior types of leadership that were learning leadership as they would go and were not practicing and adapting their leaderships skills. Then there was false friends and the “Blue Falcons” that I would be working with. Blue Falcon is a term used in the military for a false friend or to be more direct, a “Buddy Fucker.” They are real, and they do exist.

That is how it used to be for me.

No longer.

I attending an Interpersonal Communication Course for Professionals in Industry Specific sections. Law Enforcement, Sales, and Psychology and Medical Interpersonal Communication Skills are all different but have a core of elements that can show a person how to be a master of communications and persuasion.

I attending a Neuro Linguistic Programming training and committed to learning the basics and I took off!

Doing Martial Arts before, during and after my time in the military left me with a sense of confidence and safety.

Resolving my own personal Emotional Trauma with the Neurolinguistic Programming that I had received, I got faster in my thinking and in my mindset.

Afterwards I invested in myself to attend a Task Management Course on productivity and Management. I did the class so well that I was asked to become an instructor for the company and to work with other clients. It was an eye-opener!

During this time I was learning more and more about the body language of people who are affected by trauma and depression and emotional expressions that are more common around business owners and higher level executives.

Soon, I took a moment with all of these realizations and saw that I did not have any of those old problems anymore and that 90% of the world was working with a pile of Monkey Wrenches being thrown into their lives that just delays and holds them back and keeps them all captive to their desks and beds of no sleep and their fear was going all the way down to their bones.

Quickly, I was able to read a person’s body language, know what questions to ask to get to the core of the person and to help them as well as to delay meaningless meeting and those “Got a Minute Meetings.”


My productivity and efficiency went up 600%! I have the stats to prove it too! My girlfriend noticed immediately! I was more loving and less anxious! I did not have all of these thoughts and worries and anxieties anymore!

My leadership noticed how fast and quickly that I moved through tasks and also delegated tasks out! No more working late any more! I was leaving earlier and taking longer lunches with coworkers who also needed to do meeting times with me too!

I had became an APEX PREDATOR!

Sales in my side-business raised as well! I lost weight and had more time to work out at the gym or get some extra sleep or rest.

No longer was I trading my Time for Money as much as I was trading my FOCUS and THOUGHTS in exchange for MONEY!

When I realized that what I was doing was a superhuman power that no one else had, I had to know if anyone else could have this power too?

I taught my friends and my girlfriend, and they got stronger and faster at their jobs too!

I had a system down now! It was beyond my expectations!

Anyone can have this, but they just have to be coachable!

Here are the crucial Steps that you have to take to learn how to become an APEX PREDATOR!

Step 1:

Sort out your thoughts and emotions. Once you can clean up your mind using NLP you can find the need to no longer have thoughts in your mind that is not helping and only have the thoughts that enable you to take on the new growth that you are about to have in your life. Proper NLP or NueroLingustic Programming Training or Sessions are CRUCIAL TO YOUR FOUNDATION!

Step 2:

Ellipsis Behavior Laboratories training on Human Body Language and expression interpretations is a great resource as is Verbal Judo trainings too.

Step 3:

Receiving training in Productivity and Efficiency is the Warp Speed that helps you to go faster than ever! Doing this made it possible for me to hold down 4 part time jobs at once and seeing clients for my business. It also made it possible for me to take additional College classes and to improve my relationship with my friends and family!

Anyone can do this!

Are you up for it?