Have Shaman will Travel!


Are you looking for a Shaman to help you?

Many times I come across spiritual focused workers that deal with matters of the spirit and of the soul.

I consider myself to be one such person but I am often seen as an outcast by many in that community.

I request compensation for my work that I do for others, and I think that all people that provide a service or a product or valuable idea should be as well. So why do people people find that spiritual healing should be for free?

It is a sign of Spiritual Awareness for a person to believe that all spiritual healing should be done for free, as that there is no money in the spiritual world or realm that is needed there, so a person can come to that realization very easily and it would be mistaken. Understand that you do in fact have a soul, a spirit and that your spirit came here, to Earth to exist in your body and to experience the physical realm, so there is a need for you to experiences both the spiritual aspects of life as well as the physical aspects of life too. This includes poverty and wealth.

By taking on Life here on Earth three factors govern us all, Time, Energy, Money.

Does a shaman sacrifice his or her own time?

Yes, they are clearing giving up their time to attend to another person. They could be doing something else or spending time with another person in their family that is not doing so well or they could be resting, or reading a book and perhaps, they could be at day job or another career making money to raise the standard of living for their own family and for themselves.

Does a shaman sacrifice his energy? Do they get tired?

Yes, shamans get tired! When a person who has been suffering from painful situation, such as depression, and has been suffering for 20 years from it, do you think that comes with a strong amount of baggage with it? Imagine a person who is 40 years of age and has been depressed since age 20. How many times do you think that they have been crying to themselves over those 20 years? How many therapy sessions and doctor visits? How many strained or damaged or broken relationships and friendships and family members have been receiving in-direct suffering by being around a person who is experiencing depression for?

The shaman sees all of that in such a person and they see it all the way down to the bottom of the pits of a person, even if that person is unable to see it for themselves. It is mostly do to fear that they are unable to see how bad it has become. This is where a true shaman who is there to heal and mend a person’s life and heart and spirit will be of great service! They will empower the person first in order for them to see into the deep abyss of their life that has left them feeling depressed.

If the depression took 20 years from you, and your medical insurance paid for it, or you paid for those therapy sessions and medications and so forth and it still did not work to resolve your problem, then know very well that the shaman of Healing will also require a compensation too.

Money is merely a form of Time and Energy intertwined into each other that can be moved quickly for the benefit of those who receive and deliver it!

To boil it down, you are willing to pay highly educated medical practitioners who have been unable to help with this problem for 20 years and yet, your last resource, the shaman, which should had been your first place to go, you want to give little to no money at all to the shaman?

So the doctors and the therapists get to drive fancy cars and take trips and live a life of financial abundance but yet the spiritual adviser, the shaman, must remain in poverty? Is this how your truly feel? Ask yourself now?

Allow me to gift you a hidden truth about success and wealth to you, only because you are clearly seeking it. Know that a truly Spiritually Evolved and Healthy and Powerful Being will be highly resourceful in their own life and will be seeking a balance between the spiritual and the physical realms of life, you must compensate them accordingly to the amount of the negativity that the problem is causing to you in your life. If not, you would be creating an imbalance in the shaman’s life if he were to perform their services for you.

In poverty, there is only one lesson to be found, that is humility. Once that lesson is learned, why not learn the lesson of wealthiness? 

The lesson of wealthiness is simply put, it is self-empowerment. If a shaman is empowered and wealthy, then why would he take a person seriously if they are asking for free healing or services?

The experienced shaman will recognize immediately that this person must learn how to become humble in their own life prior to asking for help from a place of poverty, which in doing so they will be required to be extremely humble and to be of devoted service to the shaman and to show more commitment than any wealthy person would be asked to do, just so that they may receive healing and solutions from the shaman.

By being in a person of poverty and humility it takes even more energy and commitment in order to receive healing from the shaman, for a person of poverty to be seen and to be taken seriously on a spiritual level they must be willing to beg and to scrub floors and to clean and to a servant of the shaman in order to seen as devoted to their own healing.

For the person that has empowered themselves and feeds themselves and clothes themselves and cares for themselves and does the same for others, they will have access to endless abundance and will have more to give and they will have an accelerated growth rate spiritually and physically on Earth. This too is a goal of the shaman, to grow spiritually and physically on Earth in harmony with the Earth as well.

When the shaman chooses to heal a person and to do so without payment, the shaman will be taking on physical and spiritual delay in their own personal growth and is being taken advantage by those they are serving. Perhaps also they accepting to take the path of being an unpaid martyr for the sins of those that they have healed while allowing the person who was healed to outgrow the shaman all together, leaving the shaman behind in spiritual development. As in a type f spiritual stepping stone for others to step on and over, leaving the shaman stuck and being forced to admire those that have outgrown them and to be left behind.

Most importantly, if you are an avid follower of the “Law of Attraction” or believe in the learnings that are found in the movie, “The Secret”, know this to be a sincere and honest warning, if you are approaching people and are seeking to receive a discounted rate or a lower price for what you wish to purchase in life that you are in fact inviting others in your life to do the same from you. People who wish to pay you less at your job or to withhold that promotion or raise from you at work, or people that are raising prices from you knowing that you did the same to them when you asked for a discount or that you will be forced to take on a product or service or lower quality or may have more risks attached to by going cheaper. It is a cycle and a flow of energy. Respect it and observe it and learn how to change it!

There is a difference in going cheaper on a product and a service and being ripped off as well. The Energies of a Thief follow those who are stolen from and those who are a thief, the victim and the perpetrator. If your concern is being ripped of or being tricked by a shady shaman, do recognize that you are attracting that too into your life as well by thinking it and also due to your past dealings when you might have ripped someone else off in your life or a past life time.

You must clean up your life and clean it up right now! Make amends. Forgive others and free yourself from this negative emotional energy.

Here is one more hidden truth, we are all Shamans at various levels of progress and you too must be requesting for compensation for your Time and Energy in life or you will be stuck in a state of poverty relying on others to admire your humility and service to others for little gain in order to get ahead.