How to make Elite Social Circle Friendships

How to make Elite Social Circle Friendships

Commonly in the Self-Help and Self-Development world, gurus and celebrities make the statements that would state that they are meeting and speaking with elite and powerful people in the world.

Due to this statement of their claim as being seen and recognized by those in the seats of government and high levels of business and entertainment, it done to be a way of certifying that they have arrived and are an authority and have power themselves as well, and yet it has become a goal of their followers and supporters.

Many of my Entrepreneurial Minded Clients in the past two months have made the claims that they are searching and wishing for themselves to be involved in higher levels of society and to have elite friends and clients.

My clients had asked me, “How can I get to become friends with Tony Robbins? Or Tim Ferriss? Admirable Goals and they are interesting and powerful and positive people to be around. I should know, I met Tim Ferriss for myself and every time, I have been humbled by his humility!

I first met Tim Ferriss at a Cafe in San Francisco and got a picture with him and it was an experience that sure, many would be jumping up and down and going crazy, yet, I was actually happy to meet Tim as well!

Rather, “I wanted to be interested in him and not so interested in his money or what I could gain from him. Over a year and a half in San Francisco, I saw Tim Ferriss 3 more times. He didn’t recognize me every time, yet, he was polite and humble and kind and made great eye contact and showed that he was seeing me yet he had work to do or a place to be!

Isn't that how we want someone that we look up to or see as a celebrity to be? Humble and Polite?

Also, if I were a celebrity, the last thing I would want is a crazy stalker always following me, yet and understanding and admiring fan and supporter? Yeah! I want that kind of person in my fan base for sure!

It became clear that I had the ability to interact and to speak with Tim Ferriss and yet, he and I were not best buds. I am okay with that of coarse yet one extremely needed factor was this question that I had to answer honestly.

Are you Elite in a specific field? Yes or No?

Sadly, it was a “No” for me at the time.

Could I become Elite?

Certainly I am capable! I am one of the best hypnotists that I know and I rarely know of anyone that practices and trains more than I do, and if I met someone that did, I would be excited to meet them and befriend them!

The next question was also important to me.

Do you have any friends that are Elite in their field?


I have two mentors, one of which was featured in 8 of the chapters in the book entitled “The Game:Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artist” by Neil Strauss, my mentor’s name is Steve Piccus! Steve Piccus had trained in Hypnosis, Nuero-Linguistic Programming and Tantra since 1978 and had even been trained by Richard Bandler, Bandler had developed and invented and refined Nuero Linguistic Programming! Steve Piccus to this day is sought out for his expertise in Hypnosis, NLP and Tantra! Additionally, Steve has met and spent time with Tim Ferriss and Neil Strauss together as well! Steve Piccus was never really into being a Pickup Artist, just the fact that Pickup Artist were into him got him in the book. He was always more focused on helping women in the use and experience of Tantra and also using Hypnosis and NLP to change the lives of his clients.

My other mentor, Robert Szentes, he too is an Elite Expert in his field! He too is an expert on NLP and Hypnosis and also a form using Quantum Healing Hypnosis and he shines at the treatment of Trauma in the lives of his clients. He regularly is having meetings and dining with multi-millionaires daily! He also teaches others in his seminars on how to achieve the same results that he does with and for his clients.

Knowing that I knew and had close contacts with Elites in my field of study that were also my teachers too! I learned from them and were personally trained by them, that made me feel great!

I had a foot in the door and I hadn’t even know it at the time!

My next question was a bit harder, and it will be for you as well unless you have clarity on it.

What is your definition of being an Elite Person?

It took time and energy and focused concentration to nail down what it meant to me for a person to be seen by me as an Elite Level of Person.

Then it hit me and it hit me hard!

An Elite Person is an person who is highly respected and influential on several people and groups and is compensated in a manner that reflects the level of their expertise.

This definition made it easier for me to view and reflect on people that I thought were above all of the standards levels of knowledge in their fields and find a person or persons who are clearly at the level of being an Elite level of person.

So what next?

It was time for some killer honesty!

How am I currently treating my friends now? Am I treating them like they are Elite?

Here is the bold truth, most people in the world make terrible friends! That is an extremely negative statement to make yet it is true.

So you have to become the example to your friends and family and coworkers and to the barista down at the cafe and the traffic cop and the bank teller at the bank, everyone!

Imagine that when I had met Tim Ferriss for the first time that he behaved as a total and complete rude prick! I might like him less or respect for him. I might not either.

This is what I loved about the times that I met Tim Ferriss, Tim Ferriss treated me as if I were an elite person!

No wonder I was so excited about meeting him! No wonder that Tim Ferriss and I kept meeting because every time I saw him, he was polite and kind and smiling and making great eye contact with me. Certainly there is someone out there in the world reading this that has met Tim Ferriss and is thinking, “I met him and he was dick to me!” Well, sorry about that happening to that person but that never happened to me!

This was huge because people who know that they are a celebrity and are elite know it and when they receive respect and courtesy and politeness, they usually give it back to those who have extended it to them! Thank you for that Tim!

From that moment on, checked in on how I respected Tim Ferriss, now how much but how I actually went about respecting him. I bought his books and read them. I listened to his podcasts and watched his television shows that he had made on iTunes as well and shared them all with my friends to give them guidance and inspiration too!

From that moment on, I decided to secretly treat my friends, my family, my clients and even the barista at the cafe, the traffic cop and the bank teller at the bank as if they were in fact Tim Ferriss!

It made people feel really uncomfortable at first but over time I noticed that peoples were responding more and more to me in a extremely positive manner!

How would you want your New Elite Friends to Treat you?

I would want them to give me a lot of money! That was my first thought and yet I thought about it again and again and what came to me was that I bet that they get asked for money a lot and often too! People are always looking for investors into their business. While in San Francisco, I met a man who was with his friend who was receiving a business investment from Suge Knight, the CEO of the Gangsta Rap Recording Studio Death Row. He told me that in the meeting Suge Knight had interrupted his friend and said, “I will give you $250,000.00 and you just have to give me back $500,000.00 in 6 months, are we clear?” His friend declined the offer and left the meeting quickly as that it was feeling more of a Loan Shark type of deal than an actual business investment.

In truth, I wanted to have great friends around who respected me and were doing well in their lives and making money and buying nice things and were healthy too!

Then the biggest answer hit me!

How can I treat all of my friends right now as if they were super elite people, right now?

Soon, I was having better friendships than ever! My friends that were uncomfortable with my new philosophy in friendship began to avoid me because they hated how much I admired them and looked up to them. It was clear to me that they had a lacking sense of self-esteem and were stuck! They could never become elite or elevated in their fields due to their hidden beliefs of being worthy and deserving of success. It was sad and painful to experience and yet, I had to move on. Strangely, they moved on and I did not have to say a word to them.

To conclude this article, be awesome to your friends and here is a picture of Tim Ferriss and I.

Here is the photo of Tim Ferriss and I meeting in San Francisco, be sure to go to his blog and read his blog and to subscribe to his podcast    Tim Ferriss' blog

Here is the photo of Tim Ferriss and I meeting in San Francisco, be sure to go to his blog and read his blog and to subscribe to his podcast 

Tim Ferriss' blog


You may hear from time to time about how kind and conversational that he is and I will say that they are all untrue, he is much more than just that.

Be excellent to each other!

Also, make sure that you head over to TIm Ferriss’ website and read his blog and listen to his podcast as well! 5 stars on iTunes and in my opinion too!