NLP for Drug Addiction

My experiances at the NAD Treatment Center in San Diego

She was glowing! Happy! Energetic! Her skin was tauter. Eyes brighter. Clearer. Voice was fuller.

4 days before this she was everything other than what I was seeing before.

I had traveled from Los Angeles to San Diego to work exclusively inside of the NAD Treatment Center at request of the head of business development and the founder, Mr. Tom Ingoglia.

The request for help to use NLP for Drug Addiction

“Hey Adam, please, come down and do some of your high level trauma solution based hypnosis that you do for Veterans but for this patient of our’s that we have in the clinic. She is a bit of a hard case and she is open to it and asked about NLP and Hypnosis, so I told her about you as that you are an expert in this type of stuff” said Tom to me over the telephone.

It was true, I do conduct sessions for Military Veterans and Sexual Assault Survivors that come to me for solutions that can grant them the ability to live a normal and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Tom had been a long time friend and agreed to meet my request for my compensation and reimbursement for my services and I left my home in Los Angeles to work strictly in the clinic with the patient, the nurses and doctor and with Tom there for 4 days straight.

I arrived at the clinic with my bags to begin right away and to find Tom and the patient seated in luxury leather sofa chairs and to see that the patient was being administered NAD+ from an IV to clear her body’s system of the Heroin and Meth that she had taken for the past 15 years of her life.

This patient was still very much in the Jaws of Death and could go back to her addiction when I had arrived. Relapsing and using again is a constant thought and can also be harmful mindset for a person wanting to get better.

When a person focuses on “Not using drugs” rather than focusing on “Doing something better than using drugs”, they would be setting themselves up for failure.

She was a young woman in her late 20’s and was slow to move and seemed a bit lethargic and murmured and slurred her words while speaking.

She was still very much feeling the desire to use her drug of choice and to remove the withdrawl symptoms of her addiction. She was much more stable than most persons that I have witnessed being addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Still, when bringing up the use of drugs and alcohol and meth her pupils would dilate. Lips swell. Breathing rate and location would change as her blink rate decreased drastically.

She was still running the mental program and thought patterns of using the drugs in her mind at an unconscious level and her non-verbal body language was displaying that.

After a short moments, I had enough information to do my duty of being a Spiritual Master Hypnotist and to get the thoughts of Addiction out of her mind while the NAD+ got the Addiction out of her body and cells.

This was a unique and rare situation as that most people are lacking the opportunity to have both NAD+ and my Lazarus Process of NLP for a personal breakthrough.

(Click here for the Lazarus Process)

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After bringing an unconscious resolving of past traumatic events in her life it was revealed that she had been dealing with issues of Anger and Sadness that were deeply rooted in her childhood as well as Guilt and Shame that had held a weight down on her and had created a space for her to accept drugs and addiction into her life at a much more dangerous rate.

Her traumatic past and unresolved negative emotions had trapped her deeper into her addiction.

This can and does happen to many people and many of which are not addicted to drugs or alcohol yet when a person is addicted to a harmful substance like drugs or alcohol it traps them deeper into the addiction.

Imagine a woman that eats chocolate when she is upset, or feeling unloved, or is sad or is feeling guilty and it allows her to feel better about herself, her life and her current state of mind.

Simple, correct? So many people do this.

The challenge is that when the amount of moderation comes into the equation and also when the chocolate is good but a glass of wine works better, and then a whole bottle works better than that and a line of cocaine works better than all of that, yet a rush of heroin being pushed in their vein is the most supreme.

People that accept that will be drawn into the whirlpool of addiction and there is a process of becoming addicted to something and, the best news for the people is, that there is also a process to get UNaddicted to something without having to replace the stimulus, or the monkey, with another bad habit.

That is a false form of healing. It is merely replacing a person’s health problem for a different health problem. For myself, that is unacceptable. If I had cancer and the I gave up the cancer in exchange for diabetes, I would still be unhealthy, correct? So why would a person who is addicted want to replace the addiction with a lesser bad habit that society is more accepting?

This is why I choose to have the client to focus on the Root Cause of the Addiction and to view it from a place of certainty and power that allows them to change at a visceral level and resolve their memories and past emotions.

After 4 days of working with this very special and unique woman at the clinic, she was able to process and understand that the cause of her addiction was that there was a lack in her life to accept and to find love and deep relaxation and happiness and joy in her life as she had before she was using drugs. She had all of those experiences before using drugs and she had become disconnected from those emotions and abilities.

Several Events had taken place in her life to her and around her in a manner that removed her from those Positive Emotions and abilities and found those Positive Emotions and abilities in the use of drugs. It was an easier and more reliable process for her to use than to get reconnected to those things on her own.

Once, reconnected to Love and Acceptance of herself, she was able to place the addiction into the past memory and resolved.

It was an amazing sight to see!

As it is for me every time that I am witnessing someone decide to stop doing something that they are wishing to stop doing in their lives.

Before I left the clinic and finishing my tie after 4 days of working with her and others there, I asked her, “Hey, what do you think about sticking a needle in your arm and using drugs again?”

She responded in disgust and spoke, “I am a mother now and I have more in my life now than ever before!”

Which I responded, “Hey, good for you, when was the last time you said that to someone with so much passion in your voice about you choosing to be a sober mother?”

Her face went red with joy and she smiled and her face showed relief. “I am finally done with the drugs. Thank you.”

Anyone can achieve these results when they are committed to being sober, to take on healing in their lives and to focus and follow directions.

If you are currently addicted to a harmful substance and are looking for an alternative solution, please contact me and the NAD+ Treatment Center (Click here for the Clinic’s website) to see how simple and lower stress it is to do find a solution that works. Here is the link for their website and to contact them right away for help.

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Get Help for your Addiction at