Signs that Corporations and the Government will never Value you

Signs that Corporations and the Government will Never Value you

United Airlines Abuses Passenger

Several times a day I read about Pissed Off and Grumpy Veterans on my Facebook and LinkedIn. “The VA doesn’t care about us! They want to cut our benefits!” Recently there was reveling amount of information that several Military Veterans are kept on special lists to die instead of giving the medical care for them and this is where the term “Death Lists” sprang from for the opposition of Obama Care and the Affordable Care Act.

So this is a piece of the puzzle for you the reader to look over. The Military Veterans with Health Problems and Complications are individuals that were at one time crucial to the Safety and Security of the United States of America and they sacrificed their time, and health and many of them their youth by serving. Still, many, many Military Veterans are unable to obtain Health Benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs.   

Why is this going unfulfilled and unprovided?

CNN's Drew Griffin investigates 40 veteran deaths resulting from a VA hospital in Phoenix creating a secret waiting list. 

Simple: It is not that important for our Government and Country to Address directly.

No matter how you cut and dissect this crisis, it simply is not as important as other matters in the minds of the Citizens, Voters and Politicians!

Here is another example: Chris Stevens, the Ambassador for the United States of America to Libya was attacked, kidnapped, tortured and set on fire by an angry mob in Benghazi. Ambassador Stevens had requested several times for additional help and aid and it is debated and scrutinized how many times he did ask for help and how many times it was an expression of his sense of humor as Mrs. Hillary Clinton had testified in the hearings about Ambassador Stevens’ sense of humor. (Visit this site to see how loved ones are remembering Ambassador Stevens)

Sadly, here is what the unconscious mind is going to process in the mind of millions of Americans, “If they cannot keep an American Ambassador safe in a foreign country, what about my son or daughter that might join the military one day? They are unable to keep him safe how can I or my family be kept safe?”

The Fear is directly injected into the mind and is undeniable.

Another instance is that of United Airlines forcibly removing a medical physician off of an airplane. United Airlines had sold tickets to all of the passengers to get on the airplane to travel from Chicago to Kentucky, United Airlines had also oversold the amount of tickets for the flight and and the flight attendees asked for volunteers to come forward and to give up their seats in exchange for a night in a local hotel and $800.00.

One of the people that was focused upon was a medical doctor named David Dao refused to give up his seat as that he had patients to attend to in Kentucky. Additionally, for a medical doctor, I am hopeful that he is earning more than $800.00 in a day for his duties as a physician, so a bribe of that amount would be rude to a professional person of that level.

As many of you have learned by now, Dr. Dao was removed forcibly from the plane and had blood coming from his mouth and he was allowed to board the plane again and to leave for Kentucky.

So, if we look as all of these situations, it is clear that Military Veterans who serve the country for small amounts of money and benefits that are promised and go undelivered are of no concern to government or the voters as a whole. Ambassadors who ask for help and assistance go unanswered and large corporations that do business and accept money from people as an agreement to provide safe and effective travel on their airlines are allowed to hire people to assault a passenger that has that agreement of travel broken for them.   

Some would read this happenings in the news and begin to think, “The world sucks and there is only pain and suffering in the world!” While another may think, “That is life for you, we are all behind the 8-Ball, it comes to everybody!” or “nobody cares about me!”

There is a another way to think about this and this is the way that Fortune 500 CEOs and the Highly Successful and Elites of the Worldview this, “I have to take responsibility for my Health, my Well-Being and my Necessities and Desires in life!”

Here is a Hard Truth for Veterans to accept, the Dept of Veterans have let down Veterans since the Civil War! Marine Corps Legend and Veteran, Smedley Butler made several appeals after the closing of First World War to address the large unemployment of Military Veterans. He was quoted as saying in a speech, “They weren’t calling you bums when we went to war!”

Is this clear yet? The Dept of Veteran Affairs has a history of letting down Military Veterans post War Time...consistently….Civil War, World Wars One and Two, Korea, Vietnam War….Cold War and Persian Gulf and now the War on Terrorism. So historically we should not be amazed or surprised. So if you are Military Veteran and not getting your benefits, fight for them! Scream and Yell and Appeal and beat that system into submission! You deserve it! You served your country and wrote a blank check to this nation, and I love you all! Go and apply and file appeals and repeat until you get what you deserve!

With Military Veterans, Government Officials, and highly trained Medical Doctors are not respected, admired or addressed properly. It is a fact!


A dear friend of mine who was very sick for many many years recently got so sick of being sick and tired and he decided to become his own personal doctor. He learned what the tests meant, he learned biology and molecular biology and began asking some very serious questions and began asking his own doctors what their own jargon meant.

The result?

He had to fire his doctors!

Fire your failing service providers!

If your doctor is giving you poor service, if your government is giving you poor transparancy and is serving someone other than you, if the airlines are abusing you, if corporations are breaking their promises and agreements with you, you must make a decision for all of these people, to FIRE THEM!

The Elite know that the systems of our country are their to serve all of us, and yet when a person has low self-esteem and self-confidence and is told to “Stay Quiet! Stay where you are!” Stay Complacent!”, well, weak people follow those rules.

No longer are you weak, you are know someone else, you are informed. You are becoming more and more aware and they (The Power Hungry Ones) are unable to stop you when you voice your concerns. You cannot yell “Fire” in a movie theater but now you can speak with your dollars! You can speak with your social media

If you fail in speaking up, the screams of your friend, you mother, your father, your sons or daughter or brother or sister will be dragged off a plane screaming with blood coming from their head. This happened in Chicago, inside the United States of America.

Black Lives Matter? Blue Lives Matter? All Lives Matter? Consider this this for yourself, CUSTOMER LIVES MATTER!

How much every year is taxed upon the American people to keep us safe at the Airport? So this man paid his taxes and paid for a ticket and had an agreement to be taken care of?

The Government failed this man, the corporations failed this man, the Security and Flight Personnel failed this man.

If you take anything from this article take this single solution of the many that I have in my life and teachings, If you have 5 or more choices in a situation and in life, you are empowered, if you have only two choices you are in a dilemma, if you have a single and only one choice, you are robot taking orders.




Adam Goodson