Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

What You Ought to Know About QHHT Sessions

QHHT, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is the best tool to allow a person to go past their own ego and to speak directly to their SubConscious Mind. By speaking to a person directly and with no interference of the Ego, the person is able to do something all Hypnotists have only dreamed about in their lives to do! 

The Ability to use Hypnosis for a person to find their inner power to solve their own problems!  

In the past decade of my using of Hypnosis I have found that there is a lot of this idea of using hypnosis to place ideas into a client's mind that would allow them to change. Does it work? Absolutely it works! Still, there is a limit to the amount that a person can change. Sometimes a person is simply searching for another tool that will fail them in order to prove to themselves that they are hopeless and unable to be successful or happy. 

QHHT solves this for people who are committed to going to the session to find a solution to the unsolvable. It is this process that I use with my clients in that it allows the client to feel their own personal authority in themselves after the session! 

QHHT Sessions in Los Angeles

When I am conducting a QHHT Sessions in Los Angeles for a client in person or over skype the understanding is that all of the answers and resources are inside of themselves, inside of the client. QHHT opens the door for that client to get the answers outside of themselves. 

All QHHT Inductions and Sessions are recorded and maintained privately for the client to listen to over and over again. Questions are asked of the Client's SubConscious Mind and are then responded to by the client while in the deepest and most potent types of hypnotic trances that allows for a fully objectionable point of view to be given and received.

Many questions are focused on having a revelations about the clients own life. Here are some examples.

  • “Why did my father love me more than my sister?” 

  • “What was the Subconscious reason for me to join the military?” 

  • “How did I get to this place in my life?” 

  • “What is the purpose of my Life?” 

In many instances, deeply religious and spiritual matters and tense moments are brought up for being resolved and to solve and recover from. Every Trauma has a lesson attached to it and that lesson is the antidote to the pain.

Join me for a Free Initial Consultation that will be absolutely focused upon you and your challenges. In that first consultation we will focus on how to be of service to you and to do some work together and to actually see if we can work together to resolve all of your problems in that Initial Consultation for Free. Each Consultation is a Minimum of 2-3 Hours in length. The Purpose in this Initial Consultation is to serve you in a Powerful and Meaningful way to give you the solution that you need! 

Contact us right now for your initial consultation today! 


QHHT takes you Further past your Ego!

“Quantum Healing Hypnosis is the stand alone best process to go beyond and past the Human Ego without the use of Psychedelics or Drugs and to still grant a deep spiritual experience and consciousness expansion that is stronger than any problem a person may have in their life!” -Adam Goodson

Finding the answers should be easy and natural and not a bunch of confusion.

Clarity. Resourcefulness. Answers.

This is what the core benefits is for clients that take on a QHHT Session with me.

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