Impactful Services Offered

The Lazarus Process

The process of learning a new way to live life with happiness, again.

Purchase Price $5,497.97

8 week program · 1-on-1 sessions · 2-3 hours of Deep Hypnosis

This is designed specially for fully committed clients that are looking to become the Least Triggered Man or Woman in the World. Below are pictures of past clients. For more information on how they benefited from the sessions, read their testimonials by clicking here.

The Process is set up in a manner to elevate the subconscious effects of various Negative Emotions. Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt and Guilt are the most basic yet some of the most experienced practitioners never look past the Negative Emotions and fail to explore an Unconscious Union of Re-Connecting a person to Love, Joy and Serenity. This is where the Lazarus Process outperforms typical hypnosis and hypnosis programs and grants the person the ability to resolve the traumatic blockages that have prevented Love, Joy, and Serenity to be in their lives without the influence of Negative Emotions to  cloud their judgement of what True Love, Joy and Calm is to be in life. 

This is only for the most committed of persons as that most people who are seeking help will be unable to commit to or accepting of the amount of awakening that is found in this program. 


Masterful Paradigm Shifting

To shift a paradigm masterfully is to become and be a Master in itself.

Purchase Price $2,497.97

5 WEEK PROGRAM · 1-ON-1 · each session is 2-3 HOURS OF DEEP HYPNOSIS

Masterful Paradigm Shifting

Conducting sessions in a One-on-One basis, to show clients how to live a better life without fear, limitations in beliefs and to obtain goals effortlessly. Read about our clients that chose to take the 5 week program by clicking here to read their testimonials. 

Sessions are done over a weekly schedule focusing on a different focus of life and development of the person and their beliefs that are holding them back from experiencing a new way of living that grants success and deep meaning for them as a person. 

This Paradigm shift is focused on guiding the mind of a person to go beyond the painful motivations in life and the aspects of traumatic memories and the beliefs that created them so that the person may be allowed to have a clearer vision of life and the world and the universe while having resolved their pain and to allow themselves to choose what they want next in life. 


Purchase Price $997.97

Whole Day Experience

When a person commits to spending a whole day with me for the purpose of having a many shifts and adjustments as possible in a 12 our span then that person learns precisely how fast of a change that can take place in their own lives when they soon lack the ability to perform the unwanted behavior or thought process that they have been crippled by in their past.  

Clients are expected to pay in full upon the beginning of the day and to pay close attention to the directions given to them and to focus on the items and ideas and exercises given to them. 

Clients who arrive late or wish to spin time on their cell phones are allowed as that it is there time and their own experience yet the time would not be made up as that we made time for the client and the session is the time for the client to make the most out of the session for themselves. 


À La Carte Sessions

Single One-Time Sessions for Clients

Purchase Price $397.97 per hour

2 hour session ·1-on-1 interaction · in-depth personalized Deep Trance EXPERIENCE

À La Carte Sessions

Simply put, we sit for at least 2 hours together via Skype or in person for at least 2 hours to insure that we get to the very root of your problem. ($795.94 total)


Purchase Price $197.97

Sleepy Time Hypnosis MP3 Audio

If you have trouble with sleeping or a problem with insomnia, as I have once had several times in my life. I found a solution and that solution is night time hypnotic trance meditation.