The Lazarus Process

Investment Amount required: $8,000.00

This is designed specially for fully committed clients that are looking to become the Least Triggered Man or Woman in the World.

Masterful Paradigm Shifting

Investment Amount Required: $4,000.00

Conducting sessions in a One-on-One basis, to show clients how to live a better life without fear, limitations in beliefs and to obtain goals effortlessly.

À la carte Sessions

Investment Amount Required: $200.00 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum

Simply put, we sit for at least 2 hours together via Skype or in person for at least 2 hours to insure that we get to the very root of your problem. ($400.00 total)

Sleepy Time Hypnosis

Investment Amount Required: $1.00

If you have trouble with sleeping or a problem with insomnia, as I have once had several times in my life. I found a solution and that solution is night time hypnotic trance meditation.

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