The Lazarus Process Program

This is an extended program for serious and committed clients that are seeking the depth and understanding of how and why they have been blocked in life and to receive the solution to overcome adversity.

Masterful Paradigm Shift

This program is specifically focused at the resolving of hurtful and paralyzing emotions that must be addressed in order for deep and lasting change to take place!


Quantum Hypnosis

Healing Technique

Quantum Healing Hypnosis is the stand alone best process to go beyond and past the Human Ego without the use of Psychedelics or Drugs. It also grants a deep spiritual experience and consciousness expansion that is stronger than any problem a person may have in their life!

2 to 3 Hr Session

This is for the person that perhaps needs a short amount of time but a short phone or advice is simply not enough time or the environment to get a solution.

All Day Session

This is an session that is focused us to spend a single day together and to address and work through as much as possible and grant you accelerated results that can be felt right away.

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