Veterans are more than just Warriors.

Being in the Military is one of the most challenging ways of life. While Military Service Men and Women are in the Military, the attitude of "F.I.D.O" comes through in the attitude of our Service Men and Women. 


F.I.D.O. is a military slang acronym that stands for "Fuck It! Drive ON!" 

This is a great attitude to have while in the heat of battle or high stress while attempting to perform not just professionally but at a super human level of competency. Which is a part of the challenge of our Veterans that are returning to civilian life. 

The Dept. of Veterans Affairs is a good place to start for Veterans who have challenges in life that need to be addressed. Churches, Community Centers and State and City Programs help too. 

Click this button to start the process of Ending the "FIDO Attitude" and to get some relief from the past memories that are ruining your life and days now that you are attempting to find peace.

What happens to the Veteran who challenged by the Civilian World?

What happens when the Veteran is experiencing a laundry list of challenges. 

  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Rude Civilians
  • Terrible Job Interview Experiences
  • Communication Skills
  • Missed Opportunities
  • Unhealthy Relationships

Veterans who have these challenges are left to keep that same old "FIDO" attitude and if the programs that are there to help and work do not work or help, where is the veteran left to turn? 

The isolation, the insomnia and the pain and frustration of coping is terrible on Veterans. 

After serving my country as an Untied States Marine for 9 years I was faced with a lot of challenges and all of the ones listed above. I was once asked during a job interview, "Well you served 9 years in the Marine Corps but how do I benefit from that or how does my company benefit from that fact?" To most people this is a good interview question but to many Veterans it is seen as disrespectful. It is a states of claiming that your service was to your country was not benefiting this person before you and could be seen as prejudice as well.

To be clear, I don't teach Veterans how to train employers to be better with Veterans, I train and reprogram the mind of Veteran to not being triggered by a person that does not understand them. It is that Interviewer's problem, and not the Veteran's.

Once a Veteran is able to resolve his Negative Reactions and Behaviors to these situations, they can overcome it. The once bitter, angry and frustrated Veteran that comes to visit me, leaves with a renewed sense of pride, joy and drive to achieve and have restful evenings of sleep, great relationships, better communication skills and much more. Yes, after having sessions with Hypnosis with me, the Veteran's communication skills will become clearer  and of a Higher Quality. 

All Veterans should apply now to receive a free 30 Minute Consultation, with us, to be certain that this is the service that the Veteran needs and desires so that they can over come their challenges and to find that solution. Contact us soon as that many of our session and bookings are booked in 2-4 weeks in advance due to the Veteran's Scheduling as well as our availability. 

It was once a good time to use "FIDO" but now it is a better time to have the attitude of "I have a better way to live my life ,right now, isn't it, yet for you to do so?

If you are finally done with the frustration of being stuck in a place of confusion, click the button below to fill out a quick questionnaire and I will get back to you with a phone call and/or email. This will be a short 15-30 minute consultation or for us to set a time up to.

There may be other reasons that you are still seeking out help and guidance in your Challenges of being a Military Veteran. The Isolation, the lack of camaraderie, the sense of emptiness or perhaps the experience that even though you are not even in your 30's yet and you know more friends that have died by putting a gun to their head or being blown up than any of your civilian co-workers or neighbors or family members. Allow me to write specifically to you, my Brother Veteran and my Sister Veteran, you are not alone, and you won't be alone anymore until you are able to reach out to others for help.

We, at Impactful Changes Hypnosis are willing to help you through the process. It won't be easy, nothing about becoming a Veteran was either, so we don't expect you to shy away from something challenging.  With that being explained to you directly, allow yourself to consider that your current manner and attempts to handle your demons have not worked as well in the past or you may not be hurting so badly or being so frustrated and powerless to changing your quality of life. Reach out. Answer the Questionnaire. Make an Appoint just to explore the many ways that you can get relief. 

If none of what has been written has effected you, that is fine and good. Then this is process and service is not for you. But we encourage you to remember what all Military Service Members are taught in training, "No one gets left behind!" That means that no one gets abandoned. If you are reading this, don't forget to include yourself in that. The War is over when you come home and leave the service. Certainly there is dangerous moments and events that will happen, still in the mean time, not every moment requires hyper vigilance. and self-sacrifice to make sure that others are safe all the time. It is time to make certain of yourself knowing what it feels to be safe and not desire it while being at peace and joyful, once again, in your own life, isn't it? 

Reach out to Friends and Family members who are willing to help you.