Impactful Changes Hypnosis provides Hypnotic and Spiritual Guidance

     Have you ever had a bunch pop-up ads just popping up on your computer screen? With the ads that scream at you, “You’ve just won a NEW iPAD!” and “Free Trial”, “Sign-Up Now!” and all that you want to do is check your facebook or finish an email. 

     This is what is like in the minds of a person that has unresolved negative emotions or thoughts in their lives. These negative thoughts only grow and grow and grow until we can not focus on anything but the program or the terrible feeling and thought of our lives not being as good as we thought it could be. Rather, our lives being as great as it could be. Life is meant to be simple and easy and it isn’t all the time.

     Soon these Negative Emotions of Fear, Anger, Sadness, Hurt and Guilt begin to creep in slowly and before we notice it, the emotions and the thoughts that came with them are so commonplace that we can not escape because we have imposed and accepted them into our lives for some reason.

This is when the Negative Pop-Up Ads of the mind come up.

     You notice that you can’t get in to your car and drive without becoming angry in the slightest or fearing that you are going to get hit by another car. Perhaps, every time you pull out your wallet or purse to pay for something you are overcome with anxiety of not knowing where the next paycheck or financial support will be coming from. Then the romantic dates that you go on with a person that you find attractive, you sabotage and have no idea why. You liked the person and they liked you back but the idea of dating someone who is perfect and the precise type of person you want is just, well, it is beyond you and your understanding. So you act out and ruin it.

     Even over developed habits, such as smoking, or drinking or excessive overindulgence become more and more frequent and the idea of not partaking in them seems scary because it is the only thing that grants you a moment of freedom from the “Negative Pop-Up Ads” in your mind and soon, those outlets effectiveness fades and fades fast. This leaving you in a void and vast abyss of loneliness where no one understands you.

     At Impactful Changes Hypnosis, we never claim to treat or to cure or heal our clients as that is a place for properly trained medical doctors and nurses to step in to handle the needs of their patients. We do not have patient but rather clients who are looking for a different path to gaining results in their lives. 9 times out 10, our clients have already spoken with their Priest, Rabbi or Clergyman, and did not find the peace that they were seeking. Nor did going to a therapist for 50 minutes a week for months on end help them to find closure. Additionally the use of prescription drugs from a physician or traveling to South America to take psychedelic substances did not yield results to many of our clients were seeking. Which is fine that they took that path but the least invasive or time consuming option, Hypnosis and NLP is often overlooked until the person is 100% committed and looking for a new path to improve their own life.

     By filling out an initial screening form and then having an initial consultation we are able to construct sessions that are personalized for our clients success as well as being able to build a potential result that our clients are looking for to take place in their lives. What is the secret you might ask? The secret is this, our minds hold on to memories that we are not willing to process at times and will repress them into our subconscious minds and to cover them up with negative thoughts and emotions. It does this to protect ourselves so that we can still function in our day-to-day lives. The challenge arises when the memory or emotions become so strong that we are a toxic thinking being that is not achieving what we want out of life.

You can do this and become a client as long as you are willing to answer the following 4 Questions Correctly, the 4 Questions of the Shaman to conduct himself to be of service to a client.

1st Question,

  • Do you have a problem that is larger and bigger than you are and that you alone are not able to overcome in your life?

2nd Question,

  • Does having this problem in your life cost you anything or impair you from doing anything in your life, and/or does it hold you back from taking on new things in life and growing as a human or a spiritual being?

3rd Question,

  • Are you, as a responsible and aware person, requesting help from us at Impactful Changes Hypnosis so that you can finally put these worries and troubles in your past, forever?

4th Question,

  • What form of compensation are you willing to give, as a form of payment to Impactful Changes that is equal to or greater to the amount of the cost that the problem is taking from you as a person?

It has been our experience that persons who do not answer these 4 questions correctly and honestly are truly unprepared to take on new lessons and learnings in life that are consist with a person who wants to be healthy or to live a fulfilling life. It is up to each client to achieve their own level of success, while we are merely clearing a path for our clients to walk down with a clear mind and clear focus on what they want to achieve. Before you answer, am I worth this or not, know that YOU ARE WORTH IT. The better question is this, are you willing to accept your deserving of a better life.

Contact us today for the an iniatal consultation.

Our Mission

To take a moment of silence and to pause, stop, our thoughts for ample amount of time to hear from our clients and to listen and observe the unique needs. Wither that be weight loss, to stop smoking forever, resolve a form of past trauma, or even to just get the mind set of growth and gaining new skills and intuitive abilities. We do hypnosis to create change in the lives of those we serve.

Adam Goodson,

The founder and head hypnotist at Impactful Changes Hypnosis of San Diego has been studying hypnosis since 2008 and leading clients to change since 2010.

Growing up in a Single Parent Family and being raised by his Mother and having mentors and role models, Adam grew up to be a young man that enlisted in the United States Marine Corps on September 12th, 2001 and entered Basic Training in November of that same year.

After completing 9 years of military service in Law Enforcement duties in the Marine Corps , Adam went on to pursue a career and business in the field of hypnosis. Attending trainings, seminars and presentations around California since 2008, has granted him more insight than most hypnotists today.

Working one-on-one in the past with Military Veterans who were suffering from PTSD and living on the streets, Adam gave free sessions to relieve or remove the emotional traumas and the dramas of their lives that kept them on the streets and not able to care and produce money for themselves in our society.  

Soon, after Adam was a Dating and Relationship Coach and works still for world renowned sex and relationship guru, Mr. Steve Piccus in San Diego, California. Additionally, he was trained by Robert Szentes as well. Both Mr. Szentes and Mr. Piccus have mentored and trained Adam Goodson to be the hypnotist that he is today.

The services and outcomes that are offered by the specialization of Adam Goodson and Impactful Changes Hypnosis are not available in many parts of the world or the United States.
Adam Goodson does not take pride in his abilities as a hypnotist as much as he takes pride in the success of his clients.

I have been more in-tune with my body than I ever have in my lifetime. I have been able to move past a lot of childhood trauma which has improved my relationships with my family and friends.
— Alycia, former client